Responsive Design

Responsive design, what does this really mean to a business owner? Probably not much and that's fine, as long as you understand that it really is crucial now to every business that wants to be taken seriously online. When your website is responsive it adapts to provide a better user-experience on the device it's being viewed on; PC, Tablet or mobile. On April 21st 2015, Google changed its algorithm penalising websites that were non-responsive as they believed that by sending people from Google to a non-responsive website created a non-user-friendly experience and therefore was damaging for them.

This set the ball rolling for a lot of companies as they began to see visits to their websites fall and rightly so, think about your own viewing habits then check out your existing website. You wouldn't revisit a website if you had a bad user-experience would you? Especially if there we others out there able to provide the same information in a more enjoyable way.

Fear not, all our websites come responsive as standard.