Web Design & Development

The design of your website sets the tone of who you are and how your customers will see you, that's why it's so important to be different, be bespoke.

We take a brief from you in order to build a picture of what you like and what you don't, what you're trying to achieve and how you'd like your site to function. If you have examples of websites or aspects you like we can use this to help create a design idea. After that we will create a sitemap, this is a great way to understand how your website will flow and give us a clear path for creating it.

We can then start to bring to life the new digital you. A Photoshop design of how your website will look will be created, this makes it easier to visualise and amend until we've got it right for you. After we're both happy with the design we move onto developing your new bespoke website.

This part, often referred to as the "Techie" part, is where we take the approved design, load up the coffee machine, plug the earphones in and get down to business.

We use a range of technologies in order to create the best possible websites which include the latest standards of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to make it look great, PHP/MySQL in order to give it the functionality to process forms and a CMS (Content Management System) to be able to edit your website. This is where your website will take shape on the interweb.

As image is everything in the world of the web we will test your website in a range of browsers and devices to ensure it looks great wherever it may be seen and provides a quality user-experience to as many people as possible.

Many companies will already have their own content; text, images, videos and animations or will have approved new content. Once you're happy with what you want on your website we will add this in and… tada, you have your brand spanking new digital shop front.