White Label E-Commerce Websites

We know how important it is that visitors to your client's site swiftly and easily find what they need, so they can shop or find the service they're after with total ease. If it's easy and enjoyable they're more likely to press the right buttons, and more likely to come back for more.

Because our team handles everything from design, development and writing through to hosting, the whole e-commerce experience is seamless for both your client and their customers. It will all be supported post-launch by our team based in South-East England – and will always be simple to manage from the backend.

And once the site goes live and we hand the reins over, we’re still here whenever needed.

We are an IT Support company based in Sussex, 2 years ago we searched for a reliable partner to build websites for our clients as this wasn’t our core focus and we wanted to develop a further revenue stream into the business. I am happy to report that working with Pixel Patch has been a solid move. They quickly build very good websites and the process take’s minimum input from our staff. Our monthly revenues are very healthy, I look forward to developing this side of our business.

As a White Label company, we never disclose our partners’ identity unless they specifically give permission.

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