White Label Responsive Websites

It's well known that today more than 50% of website traffic comes through a mobile or tablet – and that percentage is increasing by the day. This is great news as it means even more chance for people to interact with potential customers.

It's why every one of our websites is built to be responsive, which means no matter how complex the design, your client's new website will look fantastic and still perform brilliantly on PC, Mac, mobile and tablet.

Your client will get a website that gives a completely smooth user experience – with no difficulty at all to find the way to buy a product or book a service. Plus, with the option to embed minimal-click e-commerce features into your client's site, users can browse and shop easily, whenever and wherever they are.

All of this is expertly created by our experienced professional team of designers, developers and writers who will ensure it's a completely responsive White Label website. We'll make certain it instinctively adapts to any screen size – so it's as easy to use on a mobile as it is on a tablet and a desktop. We'll also see to it that any security threats are as unlikely as possible.

Our philosophy is that if you give a site user the best experience they won’t go anywhere else. This is built into the foundation of every project we do.

Whenever you have the designs for a project in the pipeline, just reach out to us and we quote the build for you.

Our General Business Consultancy company was constantly getting involved in our client's web requirements, this was something we didn’t really have the experience or skill to handle correctly. We now pass all these requests to Pixel Patch and are really happy with the level of service they deliver. We have now built up a decent, additional source of income into our business which was most unexcepted!

As we're about White Label partnership, we never disclose our partners’ identity unless they specifically give their permission.

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